a Brief History About Our Company

TB Group was founded by BOUKHENOUFA family in 1982 when the father bought a small auto parts store Algeria. The store had six employees and capital of $40,000 when he acquired it. Sales reached $75,000 the first year, although the store lost about $2,500. Independent stors were spreading with incredible rapidity, providing TB Group with a swiftly growing market for its parts.
TB Group bought auto parts from manufacturers such as VALEO,SM,CHAMPION, SKF, … and sold them to parts stores, which sold them to the independent garages. From the beginning, TB Group pushed swift, reliable service as a way to outflank the competition. The firm also used its relationship with spare parts brands to set standards and sold parts to jobbers.

TB Group’s business was in some respects well timed with the Great Depression. Many people could not afford to buy new cars, so they held onto aging automobiles and bought the replacement parts needed to repair them when they broke down. In 1982, about $5 was spent on parts for the average one-year-old car, whereas a three-year-old car required $30 in parts. During the 1990s, company sales went from $339,000 to $3.18 million.

TB Group continued to grow during the 90s. Consumers again held onto their older cars, sometimes having little choice because automakers were not present in Algeria.

With the prosperity of the 2000s and the increasing number of families with two cars, TB Group expanded at a tremendous pace. It opened many retail stores and 3 warehouses in the East and in the North of the country and had annual sales of about $8 million.

By the late 2010s, TB Group was a nationwide distributor, supplying 1,500 independent jobbers and owning 4 distribution centers, which then served 4,000 jobbers throughout Algeria.

Our location

TBGroup is spread through the Algerian territory with three main locations.